Thursday, September 16, 2010

Morning Never Wakes
By Kimberly Gorman

Having no home
No place to rest my head
I live with fear of daylight
Not wanting to be seen

Darkness conceals my reality
It keeps me safe
From stares of disgust
Stares of blindness

In the bright day
There is no hiding
I must blend in
Look like everyone else

The night is my cloak
My time to find rest
A dark corner in the world
Where I can't be seen

The stars are my blanket
They keep me warm
Warm while I pray
That morning never wakes

Miss Rita
By Kimberly Gorman

A dainty and slender woman
Appears out of darkness
With only streetlight
To illuminate
The wrinkles on her face
Each one represents
Years of hard work
The calices on her hands
Show the struggles of her life
As she tells her story
Tears fight to stay hidden
An honest woman
With shameful children
And grandchildren left behind
She struggles to care
For her grandchildren
She picked up a second job
But payday is three days away
She waits until night arrives
While the children are sleeping
To ask for donations
For tomorrow's breakfast
To avoid evil ways
She relies on kindness of strangers
She is a good and honest woman
Who leads a hard life
She is a loving mother
Who tried her best
She is a wonderful grandmother
Who does what she can
She is a victim of society
Who fell between the cracks
She is Miss Rita

Friday, August 27, 2010

Maybe One Day
by Kimberly Gorman

Every day I see these people
With faces full of despair
They look as if all hope is gone
But I can see through their pain
When I look beyond the misery
Through their eyes and into their souls
I can see a glimmer of hope
A dream still remains
There is always a chance
It will come true
Maybe One Day

Every morning I see a man
Who sleeps on the cold sidewalk
He is so alone with nowhere to go
But I can see how warm he stays
When I look beyond his appearance
Through his pain and tears
I can see his heart's desire
A place to call home
There has to be a way
It can happen
Maybe One Day

Every afternoon I see the kids
With no place to go after school
They carefully try to blend in
But I can see past the disguise
When I look beyond their efforts to hide
Through their faces of sorrow and despair
I can see what they seek
A safe and stable life
They just need a little help
It will take some time
Maybe One Day

Every night I think of these people
Who have no place to call home
They must feel like giving up
But i can see their courage and strength
When I look beyond their clouded lives
Through the sadness and into their hearts
I can still see a clear sky
A star of hope
It will light the way
Maybe One Day